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About NJ Association of Paramedic Programs

The New Jersey Association of Paramedic Programs (NJAPP) represents all Advanced Life Support (ALS) providers in the State of New Jersey. All ALS providers in New Jersey are hospital based, covering every municipality in all 21 counties in the State.

NJAPP works with policy makers and regulators to advocate on behalf of its members to:

  • promote and maintain industry-wide policies that allow ALS providers to efficiently and effectively administer life saving medical services to patients
  • support initiatives to increase transparency and accountability throughout all levels of pre-hospital medical services
  • incorporate best practices, advanced technologies and operational protocols conducive the efficient delivery of pre-hospital and advanced life support medical services
  • ensure a safe workplace environment and fair employment conditions for all New Jersey Paramedics
  • ensure that pre-hospital, advanced life-care support provided to New Jersey residents is reflective of the latest in evidence-based best practices


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Paramedic Colleges

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NJAPP proudly represents ALS providers from some of the largest and most accredited hospital networks in the State of New Jersey.

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